Effective online article marketing

Article directories as such are not very popular with search engines like google, because they usually only have low-value content, or even content that can still be found on many other websites. From this, the search engines conclude that these portals could be web pages with a rather minor benefit for the visitor, and so article directories tend to rank worse than general blogs.

How can you do article marketing better?

On the one hand, every operator of an article directory naturally depends on the quality of the content set. If these are not good, or if the spelling, expression and grammar are flawed, then such an article should not be published.
In addition, each operator should check all new articles for unique content, i. the article has been published before. Very good help can be found in the tool. Offer. There you simply enter the text or text passages and let them check.
Furthermore. Tool can also check complete projects for duplicate content. Simply enter the URL and have it checked. If articles are found, then the operator must decide what he does with it. Delete, leave.

How can you do article marketing  better?

All submitters of articles should consider the following, the better your own article is, the higher the benefit I can get with it. If the portal on which I am posting the article should reach a high Pagerank or Trustrank, then you benefit from the backlink in the article particularly strong.
Therefore, write articles with a benefit for the reader and your own benefit will be even higher.

Ideas for qualitative articles

Lists are particularly well suited for such articles. In it you can very quickly write 200 or more words, by only certain facts enumerated and finally linked to the own website as a possible source.
Also, the linked pages do not necessarily have to be linked to the keyword from the content. Often it is enough, or even more useful, to put the desired keyword in the title command and to link only the domain as such. On the one hand this works better for the reader and the link is clicked more often. This brings visitors!


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