Plan for More Shareable Content in 2020


Think about what content you will share

what content you will share

You have to see what kind of valuable content, own or from other sources, you will share through Twitter. A good way to have signed and filtered the best content is to use Feedly, a tool that allows you to place the best blogs (in this case restoration and decoration). In this way, it is easier for you to find really interesting articles for your audience. Another option to select content is to subscribe to the Buzzsumo tool and to recommend which are the most shared articles about decoration or restored furniture. When the content is yours, Twitter is the perfect platform to spread it and make it known to your followers.

Search and participate

Twitter Marketing Plan participaTwitter is a network where you have to be proactive. It is not about opening a social network and waiting for everyone to arrive, but to go look for them. How can you do it? You put in the Twitter search “restore furniture” and find about 800 tweets a day with that theme. What you have to do is talk with those users. The specific objective that you can set is to talk to 10 people every day: comment on what they share, retweet it, answer their questions … It is a good strategy to let you know and let others begin to see that your company has an affinity with its interests. You can dedicate about 20 minutes a day to this function of dialogue with other users.

Create lists

Twitter Marketing Plan lists With the lists you can highlight your audience and have your audience organized. You can create, for example, the following lists: best decoration blogs, decoration enthusiasts and companies in the sector.

You can complement these actions with the Twitter guide of Digital Marketing for companies where you will find tips that will help you strengthen the brand.

Get your clients (your ambassadors) to participate

Get your clients

Marketing Plan Facebook Workshop You can organize a workshop in your store for your best customers. You invite them, you give them some advice related to the furniture they have bought or any subject about restoration, you take pictures with them during the talk and propose that they upload those images to Facebook. So you are encouraging participation and linking those ambassadors to your Facebook page. It is what is called online-offline connection. Another idea of  loyalty marketing is to suggest that your clients take a picture at home with the furniture they have taken from your store and share it on your Facebook fan page. In return you offer them a 10% discount on their next purchase.

Search for Facebook pages related to yours and participate in them

Facebook Marketing Plan out of the wall You have two types of pages. Fan Pages of the competition, of other businesses similar to yours for decoration, restoration or interior design and community pages that do not have a commercial interest and which involve users who also like decoration, interior design or recycling. What you have to do on those pages is comment and like on your posts. That is, participate as one more from your fan page (not as a user), providing valuable content in the comments you leave and never writing advertising messages. That will allow the followers of those pages to know you, see your logo, see the name of your store and gain visibility in the sector.


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