Numerous templates for congratulations on every occasion

When writing a card for a congratulation or greeting, you often look for the appropriate words. And there are a lot of occasions where you can surprise friends and relatives with an original card. These festive days would be the birth and the subsequent baptism. Congratulations to the parents to the offspring and wish you much joy with the baby. At baptism, the baby is then integrated into the community of the church. Also for that ecclesiastical celebration one wishes to convey, in an appealing way, the best congratulations.
This is followed by the children’s birthday parties, where you would like to send a greeting and finally in the cath. Church communion First Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation, in the Evangelical Church the Confirmation.
After church family feasts the most important day of a teenager comes – the 18th birthday. One is a full age adult and therefore this birthday is celebrated big and very enjoyable with his family and best friends. Also for this joyous occasion is a very best greeting. This may be quiet funny and maybe even a little bit reckless – at eighteen one understands in any case a large amount of joke.
In life, it continues with engagement party and wedding. If an engagement takes place, one should also send his warmest regards. What will undoubtedly be a glittering event is the wedding. The bridal couple invites the relatives and best friends to celebrate the happiest day of their life together. Of course, this unique event also requires an extraordinary congratulation, here you should take your time and write a personal text in the wedding card. Of course, when writing the congratulations to the wedding also support the web pages of the portal for congratulations and greetings – you will find apart from the wishes, also sayings about the wedding and wedding poems.
After the marriage, it continues with the special, because round, very special, because round birthday parties. For those memorable celebrations, everyone should receive an extraordinary gift, along with a birthday wish.
In the later part of the life, a contented couple, followed by the silver wedding, the golden wedding and maybe other wedding anniversaries. Understandably enough, you should also congratulate these unique days of celebration.
In addition to the templates, for the already listed days of jubilee, there are also greetings for the enrollment, a company anniversary, the departure of an employee and colleagues or the move into your own home or in your own home. Now there are only the festivals in the annual cycle, such as Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Here you need very personal congratulations. Because on which occasion do stars sparkle more than at Christmas, when do you run into the Easter Bunny, when do lovers find each other better than on Valentine’s Day and when can you thank their parents more wonderfully than on Mother’s and Father’s Day?


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