As a cyclist on parking space search

Parking place? For me as an old cyclist a foreign word. Because: If I have to turn off the “bike”, then I find a way everywhere. Very relaxed and without stress. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to go by bike on a cruise. At least that’s how my girlfriend saw it. So only the alternative car was left.

And there we are already at the problem. How do I find a good and safe parking space? Where can I park in Warnemünde? For one thing I know from the holidays in the Baltic Sea at the gates of Rostock: Parking in Warnemünde is as pleasant as a flat tire in the middle of the forest. Curse attacks are guaranteed.

Without grumbling, screaming or sweating is parking in Warnemünde but also. At least that’s what my girlfriend told me after a study on the Internet. She came to the page “Parking and Sea”. Both in Warnemünde and in Kiel, the company offers parking exclusively for sea travelers at both cruise locations.

And by the way: parking in Kiel, does not really take much of the Warnemünde problems. To put it another way, parking in Kiel is about as enjoyable as cycling on a busy main road. There is no joy and relaxation.

Significantly more pleasant feelings I felt at “Parking and the sea” – and as a passionate cyclist. Yes, there was actually a dream wheel on a wall: Black frame, top circuit – an absolute eye-catcher.

I looked at the bike while my friend took care of the paperwork. I thought to myself, that will take a while. Do you think? After only a few minutes, she appeared behind me – accompanied by a “parking and sea” -member who owned the bike.

And when two bike enthusiasts meet, there is of course first an expert conversation. I talked about my bike and the tours we did. We drove from Amsterdam to Torgau in Saxony. From the colleague there was an appreciative nod.

And yes, even a car parking search is fun. My girlfriend said only: “It’s not so bad to find a parking space in Warnemünde.” I smiled and kissed her: “Much better is still a cruise with you.”

The “parking and sea” concept

“Parken und Meer” offers reasonably priced parking in enclosed parking halls as well as on outdoor parking areas on the secure premises in Rostock and Kiel – with camera surveillance and security.

The concept is exclusively for cruise tourists. Therefore, unlike a public parking garage, the parking areas are open only at the start-up times of luxury liners.

This means for the cruise tourists: Parking bumps, dents or even accident flight are excluded. While the vacationers enjoy the sea, the car is protected from wind, water and waves.

At “Parking and Sea”, Crusaders will be taken by their own convenient and air-conditioned shuttle buses from the “Parking and Sea” locations directly to the cruise ship terminal and of course at the end of the trip back to the parking lot.

Especially good: the search for a taxi or public transport is canceled. That also ensures relaxation.

And that also means: no long waiting times, no long walkways for the cruise tourists – with and without luggage. The employees of “Parken und Meer” carry the suitcases. The service concept has the highest priority.

For special customer requirements, such as driving by car to the terminal or the vehicle itself as far as the parking garage, “Parken und Meer” also offers individual solutions.

Verily: The well-trained and always friendly employees of the company also have the Nordic serenity. Bustle? None. This relaxed atmosphere immediately gives holiday mood. True to the company credo: Your cruise begins with us – without the hassle of finding a parking space in Kiel or Warnemünde.


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